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After searching for a company to assit me with a loan modification, I came across this company.Great rating on BBB - the person that I spoke with was great.

Their fee, well was nothing compared to some of the sharks out there. So I signed up within a matter of days it was going great. Now the website would lead you to believe that they will help you - I took that to mean - with everything, including dealing with the lender. WRONG, they prepared a modification package (which I had already done with the lender - they had the SAME paperwork - I told him that I had done a packet with my lender already) and then he emailed it over.

It was *** - instructions on how to deal with our lender. and a generic call log all for a low cost of 495.00 are you kidding me? what? this helps me how?

your paperwork was typed and mine was handwritten, the only difference. So I contacted the company - and I quote " I respectfully request a refund" and was told nope. can't do that, we did what we said we would do. Be very careful of companies appearing to have government backing, and WORDING.

Ask them specifically what they will do. Get it in writing. He knew I was panicked as the lender had given me "sale" date. The company completely took advantage of that and then sent the payment thru on the weekend, knowing once it clears you can not do anything about it.

They are slick. I thought there are new laws about collecting a fee until the job is complete. He himself stated and the email proves this didn't happen until Sunday night, but he took the payment before hand.

CROOKS.Do not deal with these people.

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The papers sent to me by the lender were the same papers minus the ananlysis.I am not a complete liar.

I was completely mislead, furthermore - My documentation was not as clear as this MAN would lead you to believe. Obviously man works for the company otherwise he would not be defending. At this pont the money is gone and I handled the modification with the lender without providing them anything that this scam provided.

Simply want people to be aware, your mortgage company more than likley will work with you and provide you all the "tools" you need without having to pay $495 for a report generated from the computer in a matter of minutes.Look at it anyway you want, it is completely low- down and just a dressed up way to make money on the mortgage crisis.!


I would a;so like to add that she couldnt have already sent the same stuff to her Lender because She never had a foreclosure analysis and appraised value done.


This woman is a complete liar.This goes to show why many people are in the situation they are in.

This company doesn't make money on modifications. They are there to help people modify their own loans. They simply give home owners all of the tools to get it done right. The fact is, Lenders do not tell people what they really need to get help and how to pass their NPV test.

This organization pays a third party to do a foreclosure analysis and appraised value on their homes. These things cost money and thats what was paid for. NOT A DOLLAR MORE is charged. This organization then takes the foreclosure analysis as well as Appraised value of the home and creates an entire modification package for the home owner.

They do all of the proper financial income and expense sheets and all of the Lenders forms at NO charge. These items are than sent to the home owner to submit. In fact every home owner that seeks help with this organization is signs forms that specifically state that the minimal $495 cost goes specifically for the foreclosure analysis and appraised value. And that they are responsible for signing and sending the package to their Lender and thats what this person got and signed as well.

All of this information is documented. Further this is not a modification company and they do not negotiate and settle debt. And they can get money up front because they are providing home owners with a tangible product, which she received.

They have been doing this for 3 years and yet this is the only complaint.In fact she did complain to the BBB and after all the information was provided to the BBB showing clearly that she was lying and that her Lender did tell her they would work worth her and then she wanted her money back, the complaint was dismissed.She was also provided with an E0Book and a call log.

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